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Upcoming presentation at the 'Words, Music and Silence' Symposium

I'm delighted to share that I've been selected to present a paper at the upcoming 'Words, Music and Silence' Symposium, being run by The Open University Literature and Music Research Group in partnership with University Music Bournemouth. You can view my title and abstract below.

The Dramatic Quiet: Using silence as musical structure in text setting

This paper will discuss how silence has been incorporated into a practical model of compositional practice I have developed to explore the interface between text and dramatic musical structure (understood as an abstract form derived from the text’s themes and secondary research into those themes, from which harmony, motive and timbral progression have been derived). Two compositions will be used as case studies to demonstrate the use of silence in this context: 'Via Crucis' (winner of the Handful composition competition, premiered in Bath in 2021) and 'Seven Last Words' (premiered in Clifton Cathedral in 2023)

The symposium will take place on the 28th of June at the University of Bournemouth. You can view here the full Programme for the Words, Music and Silence Symposium, by The Open University in collaboration with Arts University Bournemouth and Bournemouth University.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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